Our Message

A Positive Purpose is a pay it forward brand.  We designed this line of products with the intent of helping to create a brighter outlook on life.  

We want to accomplish the following with this brand.

To produce a line of products that promote the possibility of a change in someone’s life.

To grab the attention of others,  to make an impact or difference for the better in another person’s life by the message you wear.   To spark  a shift in a person’s thinking or feeling,  to bring awareness that there is a choice you can make on how you feel and think.

By wearing one of our products you are creating an opportunity, an awareness, a process, to potentially create a change in the thinking or feeling of somebody who reads what you are wearing.  Thus in a sense you are paying it forward in a positive direction by the message you wear.

20% of each sale will go to Rachel's Challenge Rachel's Challenge an amazing inspirational story of a young girl’s vision to create a chain reaction of kindness and compassion.   Rachel’s Challenge mission is to motivate, educate and bring positive change to  young people in schools with a campaign to quell school violence, bullying and teen suicide.  

So this is a total WIN, WIN, WIN. You get to wear a cool looking shirt, you have the opportunity to create change in someone’s life by the message you wear, 20% of all sales goes to this worthy cause.

 Finally, we  want to THANK YOU for investing in the process, for taking  a step forward on creating and making a difference by the message you wear and the feeling it brings.